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John D Cogan
John Cogan
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Exquisite Paintings in the Classical Tradition
Artist-in-Residence, Grand Canyon - South Rim, May 8-20, 2017

These are some of the paintings I brought back from the two weeks I spent in May 2017 as Artist-in-Residence on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Being the Artist-in-Residence at the South Rim is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am making some of the pieces I painted while in residence available to my collectors.
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Buddha Temple Morning
acrylic 8 by 10 $600
Cloudy Day at Lookout Studio
acrylic 10 by 8 $600
Colors at Plateau Point
acrylic 10 by 8 $600
Desert Watchtower
acrylic 10 by 8 $600
Brahma Temple Late Morning
acrylic 6 by 8 $440
Waiting for the Passengers
acrylic 6 by 8 $440
Morning Sky
acrylic 6 by 8 $440
Mist of Evening
acrylic 10 by 8 $600
Morning Perch, Condor #23
acrylic 10 by 8 $600 SOLD
Yes, Condor #23 actually posed on the ledge while I painted.
Tinted Ledge
acrylic 10 by 8 $600
Ledge near Verkamps
acrylic 9 by 12  $760
Playing in the Rain
acrylic 9 by 12  $760
Ponderosa Grove
acrylic 12 by 9  $760